The Film

Ex-family man, avid womanizer, heavy-drinking, heavy-weight Parliamentarian Leifur Sigurdarson is forced to go into rehab by his political rival the Prime Minister, following a well publicised art exhibition brawl. Full of denial, Leifur gives an intimate but grand dinner party before checking in. As the gathering slowly matures into a full blown party we get to know the host and his guests better, and learn about the relationships within the group: The dealings of Leifur and the underworld kingpin Eiríkur, Leifur's young lover Æsa, his beautiful lawyer Kristína and a daughter who may or may not exist… but when it´s time to leave – very few do, turning the night into an adventure exclusively for those old enough to vote.

The score is composed by Anna Thorvalds, recipient of the Nordic Council Music Prize 2012.

Genre: Drama
Language: Icelandic